3rd Spring Meeting of ISDS

Tempat : The Westin Resort, Nusa Dua Bali, Indonesia
Waktu : 07 April 2011 s/d 10 April 2011
Tingkat : internasional
Pembicara : -
Penyelenggara : International Society for Dermatologic Surgery

We warmly invite you to participate in a most momentus event - The 3rd Spring Meeting of the International Society  for Dermatologic  Surgery will  be  held  in  Bali,  Indonesia. Highly  structured  patient management  in rejuvenation, advances in skin tightening technology, tumor and reconstructive surgery, dermoscopy, basics of dermatologic surgery, AdipoStem cell treatment, llers, neurotoxins, and much more will be yours to choose from.  In  Indonesia  and  all  aorund  the  world,  dermatologic  surgery  is  practiced  as  an  integral  part  of dermatologic services to patient on a daily basis. It has been proven that dermatologists have an undeniable excellent track record of safety using many oce based procedures. In order to maintain it, exposure to updates on dermatological surgery to practicing dermatologists and residents of dermatology is a must. The 3rd Spring Meeting consists of symposiums, courses, workshops led by masters in the eld of dermatologic surgery, and social events including, wine and dine at breathtaking places, and a golf tournament on a world class course.
Paralel with the event an  industrial expo will also take place. On top of  it all, enjoy Balinese hospitality amid breathtaking  surroundings,  partake  in  the  social  events  -  cultural  tours,  culinary  wine-and-dine,  and  golf tournament on a world class course. Let’s create  individual visions, discuss and share experiences and,  form international friendships.

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