P2KB Dermstoses & STI Associated With Travel To Tr

Tempat : Hotel Bumi Surabaya
Waktu : 22 Oktober 2011 s/d 23 Oktober 2011
Tingkat : lokal
Pembicara : Dokter Spesialis Kulit dan Kelamin
Penyelenggara : PERDOSKI Cab. Surabaya dan Dept/SMF. IKKK FK UNAIR


Epidemiology of Dermatoses & STI Travel Illness in Tropical Countries_dr. Wresti Indriatmi, Sp.KK(K)., M.Epid.
Recommended Travellers Immunization Schedule in Adult and Children_Prof. dr. Sunarko Martodihardjo, Sp.KK(K)
Approach to Travellers with Skin Lesions and STI_Prof. Dr. dr. Suharto, MSc,MPdK, DTMH,Sp.PD,K-PTI
Vaccine Under-study: HIV and non HIV Vaccine_Prof. dr. Jusuf Barakbah, Sp.KK(K)
Vesiculous Eruption of Viral Infection in Tropical Countries_dr. Sawitri, Sp.KK(K)
Prevention and Treatment of Post Herpetic Neuralgia to be Travelling_dr. Sugastiastri Sumaryo, Sp.KK(K)
Viral Exanthema in Tropics_Prof. Dr. dr. Ismoedijanto, Sp.A(K)
Cutaneous Lesions from Coastal and Marine Organism_Prof. dr. Pieter L. Suling, Sp.KK(K), MSc
Topical Antibiotic in Dermatology for Travellers (The Old and Newest Modallities)_Prof. dr. Bambang Suhariyanto, Sp.KK(K)
Treatment and Prevention of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Dermatologic Infection among Travellers


Condom and Prostitution Dr. dr. Hans Lumintang, Sp.KK(K)

Vaginal Diseases Associated with Increase Level of Lactobacillus  during Travelling Prof. dr. Sjaiful Fahmi Daili, Sp.KK(K)

Gonorrhea and Vaginal Discharge in Tropical Countries  dr. Dwi Murtiastutik, SpKK(K)

An Approach to Manage Anogenital Pruritus  Prof. Dr. dr. Tony  Djajakusumah, Sp.KK(K)

Update Treatment of Inguinal Intertrigo and Its Differential Diagnosis Prof. dr. Made Swastika Adiguna, Sp.KK(K)

Update Treatment of Malassezia sp. Related Dermatoses dr.Linda Astari, Sp.KK

Increase Risk of a Very Spesific Set of Mycosis in Immunocompromised Patient dr. Sunarso Suyoso,Sp.KK(K)

How to Prevent and Manage Sunburn when Travelling? Prof. dr. Hari Sukanto, Sp.KK(K)
Protection against Insect Bites while Travelling - All about Bed Bugs,
  Caterpillar and Moths
Dr. dr. Cita Rosita Sigit Prakoeswa, Sp.KK(K)
Contact Dermatitis in Travellers
Prof. Dr. dr. Saut Sahat Pohan, Sp.KK(K)



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